The IQAC and Team Perio together organised a CDE webinar “PERIO-ORB 2023” on the topic “Guided Implant surgery” on 3rd June 2023 (Saturday) from 9.30am to 11.30 am. The webinar had 123 registrations including undergraduate students, post graduate students, faculty members of various dental colleges and practitioners. The webinar had two engaging sessions on guided implant surgery by two renowned speakers, Dr.Harinath Parthasarathy, Professor, SRM Dental College, Chennai, who shed light on the ‘Evolution of Implant guides’ and Dr.P.S.G.Prakash, Professor, SRM Dental College, Chennai, who showed different clinical cases with Guided Implant Surgery. More than 90 participants actively attended the webinar session via zoom platform and the rest via YouTube live stream. The webinar enlightened the participants about the role of digitalisation in the modern era of implant dentistry.