The role of Publication Oversight Committee (POC) of KSR Institute of Dental Science and Research is to improve the quality of manuscripts, following the guidelines laid out by the Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE). The committee enables the authors to publish their manuscripts whilst ensuring the maintenance of ethical standards, protection of patient privacy and fair distribution of authorship.

Authors are accountable for anything they publish.

POC Committee members

Dr.C.Nitya KalaChairperson
Dr.Angelie JessicaMember
Dr.Bommanna LogeshMember
Dr.Adil Iqbal SaitMember
Dr.AVG SankarMember


● All the manuscripts sent from KSRIDSR should get approval from the Publication Oversight Committee before submitting the manuscript to a journal.
● The corresponding author should submit the following documents to for the committees’ perusal.

A. Title page file
● Title page or the first page file should contain all authors details in order, along with their official e-mail address and affiliations.
● Role of each author should be clearly stated.
● Affiliations should mention college name as follows

KSR Institute of Dental Science and Research,
Tiruchengode, TamilNadu, India.

● All authors affiliated to KSRIDSR must use their official email address only.
● Guest authorship (who did not contribute in a meaningful way to the design, research, analysis, or writing of a paper) and ghost authorship (someone who contributes to the research, or writing of the paper but not named as an author) should be avoided and will be treated as research misconduct.

B. Manuscript file
● The manuscript file should be blinded of the authors’ names and institution name. It should include structured/unstructured abstract, introduction, methodology, results, discussion and conclusion with references, figures, tables and supplementary documents.
● The entire manuscript should be checked for English grammar using Grammarly software and the report should be enclosed.

C. IRB approval date
D. IEC approval certificate
E. Name of the journal with its indexation details

● External or collaborative research done elsewhere should also go through the POC of KSRIDSR, if the manuscript is sent for publication mentioning ‘KSRIDSR’ college name.
● Manuscript will be checked for plagiarism using a reputed software. Those with less than 15% plagiarism will only be approved for submission.
● Manuscripts with greater than 15% plagiarism or those with incomplete details or incorrect affiliations or any other gross errors will be sent back to the corresponding author for revision and resubmission.
● Decision from the POC will be made available within seven working days from the date of submission.
● Revised manuscripts with all corrections incorporated should be re-submitted to the POC within 15 days.
● POC will convene a meeting with the publication coordinators of all departments once every 3 months. Publication coordinators should update the POC with the current status of all manuscripts submitted from their respective departments.
● Manuscripts should be submitted to PubMed/ Scopus/ Web of Science indexed journals in Q1/Q2/Q3 category. Authors can take the help of POC to confirm the indexation of the journal of interest.
● POC will conduct regular programs on COPE guidelines for the students and the faculties to help them carry out and publish better research.