Department of General Anatomy


To prepare the student in such a way that he/she can be able to completely understand structure of human body so that they are competent enough for dental practice.


  • To understand the comprehensive structure of human body and particularly head and neck.
  • To correlate the structures with the function of each organ.
  • To know the interrelationship of structures with respect to function.
  • To know the importance of anatomical structures and their applications in dentistry.
  • To know the approach to various organs, in the human body.
  • To be able to identify each structure to encounter it properly during dental practice.
  • To be able to understand positions of various organs radio graphically.
  • To understand the general embryology and special embryology of head and neck.
  • Their congenital anomalies which may be encountered during clinical practice.
  • To understand the normal microscopic anatomy, so that any abnormality could be depicted in clinical practice.
  • To understand the tissue-organization in the body.

List of facilities available in the department

1. Lecture hall

with necessary fittings and adds.(LCD projectors, OHP & Board).

2. Dissection – Practicals hall

Practical hall (Used for dissection & demonstration)

With washing and lighting facility.

Ten dissection tables, each for ten students.

Cadaver room

To embalm the cadavers, with 2 preservation tanks to store the dissected specimens and bodies.

Organs in the abdominal & pelvic cavity.

A room with band saw

To cut the cadavers for various section.

3. Histology – Practical hall (To study Microanatomy)

With adequate lighting both natural and artificial lights fitted. It has got seating arrangements for 50 students at a time with individual microscopes and slides.

Preparation room: Attached to histology practical hall. This is meant for preparation of slides and to store them along with other equipments.

4. Museum

This hall accommodates all the study specimens. They are mounted specimens belong to all parts of the head and neck region.

It also accommodates charts, related models with gross anatomy and embryology. It has got seating arrangements for 60 students. Related photograph of specimens are also mounted, so that the students can easily understand the subject during their study and revision.

5. Library (Departmental)

Adequate number of books (48) related to all regions of the body, especially head and neck including embryology, histology, gross anatomy, etc are available for both staff and students.