Department of Microbiology


  • Understand the basics of various branches of microbiology and be able to apply the knowledge relevantly.
  • Apply the knowledge gained in the related medical subjects like the general medicine and general surgery and dental subjects like oral pathology, community dentistry, periodontics, oral surgery, paedodontics, conservative dentistry and oral medicine in higher classes.
  • Understand and practice various methods of sterilisation and disinfection in dental clinics.
  • Have a sound understanding of various infectious diseases and lesions in the oral cavity.

The aim of the department is to bring out a balanced and harmonious development of the body, mind and the soul. The academic excellence of the department is coupled with the most experienced teachers and competent teachers. The department has all the basic facilities and other infrastructure for running both BDS and MDS programmes and also support research activities going on with in the campus. We introduce the students to the exciting world of microbes and make them aware of various branches of Microbiology, their importance, significance and contribution of each branch to mankind and other fields of medicine. Teaching objectives have been achieved by lectures, demonstration, practical exercieses, audio visual aids, group discussion with regular feedback.