About our institute:

K.S.R. Institute of Dental Science and Research functions in two spacious buildings with a combined floor area of more than 28,000 sq.m.. The Dental Council of India has recognized the college as one of the well maintained dental colleges meeting all the requirements for dental teaching for 100 admissions (undergraduate), and as a centre of excellence for post-graduation in dentistry. Post graduate courses in five specialties were started in 2011, and currently are offered in seven specialties.

The new building complex houses various dental departments, central library as well as the out-patient registration counters. Administrative offices, lecture halls, auditorium and basic sciences departments are a part of the old building complex. Over 250 outpatients attend the dental departments every day for treatment.

The college is endowed with a highly qualified faculty, that imparts knowledge and hones the skills of the students. The syllabus laid down by the Dental Council of India is followed. For clinical training in general medicine and general surgery, the college has tie-ups with Government Hospital, Tiruchengode and Sree Gokulam Hospital, Salem.

Our mission:

  • The college faculty is committed to impart the knowledge and skills of dental science.
  • Inculcate the need to maintain and uphold professional ethics and to treat patients with utmost care and concern

The general objectives of the dental degree programme:

The dental graduate should acquire adequate knowledge of the scientific foundations on which dentistry is based, scientific principles of the practice of the dentistry, and concept of community oral health education. He should develop necessary skills in the treatment of oral health problems, prevent and manage complications in carrying out these clinical procedures. He should also develop a proper attitude towards patients and maintain a high degree of professional ethics and conduct.