Students are advised to check the news and events page regularly. Any information about examination schedule, declaration of results, holidays, etc. will be updated in the news section.

Students’ Code of conduct

  • Dress decently (Jeans, shorts, miniskirts are not allowed).
  • Be punctual to class.
  • Wear formal shoes.
  • Maintain personal hygiene (Nails to be trimmed; beard to be trimmed/shaven; nail polish not to be used; hair to be braided/knotted/tied up in a bun).
  • Strong perfumes are not to be used.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the campus.
  • Wear lab coats in clinics and in laboratories.
  • Keep up patient appointments without fail.
  • Students should conduct in a dignified manner inside and outside the campus. Use of abusive language and use of narcotics, drugs, physical abuse and abuse of alcohol are considered as major violations of conduct.


List of holidays