A horizontal integration program was conducted on 25th October 2023 in the dental auditorium. As a part of curriculum development to provide integration on first-year core medical science subjects as a single module, a lecture series on the topic THYROID GLAND was delivered. From the department of Anatomy Dr.S.Angelie Jessica, Reader & Head, and Dr.P.Ramesh, Senior Lecturer, delivered lectures on “Gross & Clinical Anatomy” and “Embryology & Histology” respectively. Dr.R.Mukilan, Reader and Head, and Dr.M.Sathish Kumar, Senior Lecturer, from the Department of Physiology delivered lectures on “Secretion, action, and its regulations” and “Applied aspects” respectively. Dr.V.Sivabalan, Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry, gave a presentation on “Thyroid Function Test”. The program was attended by 180 first-year BDS students.