Department of Periodontics

Periodontology represents one of the foundations of science for all clinical dentistry that focuses on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the gingiva, or “gums” and other surrounding tissues that support the teeth.

The clinical periodontal treatment procedures and modalities including scaling and root-planing; Soft tissue (gum and mucosa) therapy to improve defects of the gum tissue; gingivectomy; flap surgeries; furcation involvement; Grafting with bone replacement materials for bone defects resulting from periodontal disease; combined periodontal-endodontic therapies and placement of dental implants are performed to maintain the health, function and esthetics.

Academic programmes

The Department of Periodontics and Implant Dentistry educates under graduate (BDS) and post graduate (MDS) students in the didactic and clinical applications necessary to perform the entire spectrum of periodontal procedures and surgical implant therapy. Post Graduate programme was launched in 2011 and presently the three-year curriculum provides training in clinical periodontology, implant therapy, clinical research and teaching skills.



The clinic complex is endowed with ample infrastructure, in terms of spacious and modern and well equipped undergraduate and post graduate wings and implant surgical operation theatre each with separate sterilization areas and a reception area. Each post graduate student has individual treatment cabins.


45 dental chairs with piezoelectric scaler units, surgical instruments, microsurgical instruments, electrosurgery unit, Intra oral camera, and implant surgical kits and bone replacement graft materials and regenerative materials are available as per the requirements laid down by the Dental Council of India.

Conference room

The Periodontology Conference Room is fully equipped with audiovisual equipment and is used for seminars and discussions.


A departmental library with necessary books for easy access and reference is a boon for the trainees.