Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry

Pleasant, Painless and Prevention Based Pediatric Dental Set-up

Getting an early start in regular dental care is an important step on the road to teach children healthy lifetime habits. Our department is well equipped with colourful Gnatus pedo dental chairs and with separate cabins for post-graduate students.

Dental Clinic

The pedo clinic is painted colourful with a concept of natural pleasant atmosphere, for the children to be anxiety free.

Play Area

We have a bright play area with children’s favourite cartoon characters painted on the walls and filled with play materials. A colorful aquarium is present adjacent to the reception and play area.

Waiting Area

The waiting area is a cozy and breezy area for the parents to wait comfortably till their children finish the dental treatment.

Counseling Area

A separate counseling room is available to educate both the child and the parent about the home oral hygiene practices and primary preventive care for teeth.

Special needs room

We have a special needs room with conscious sedation provision to perform the highest quality dental services for the pediatric patients with lack of psychological maturity, mentally and physically challenged, fearful and highly anxious behaviour.

Radiograph room

Along with the conventional x-ray machine we have RVG (computerized radiograph) provision to have an instant image of the tooth.

Pre-Clinical Lab

A state of art for under-graduate and post-graduate preclinical lab is available separately. Phantom head facility has been provided for post graduate students.

School Camps

Regular visits to schools inside the campus (3schools) and in and around Tiruchengode have been organized. Treatments provided for children under school health education programs mainly focuses on preventive procedures like pit and fissure sealants and fluoride applications.

Other Facilities

  • Have a spacious seminar hall with a LCD projector.
  • In-house library with speciality books and journals

Speciality treatment in our department

  • Chemo-mechanical caries removal.
  • Atraumatic restorative treatments and preventive measures.
  • Treatment under rubber dam isolation.
  • Conscious sedation.
  • Treatment under general anesthesia

Special equipments in our department

  • Conscious sedation unit (Digital)
  • Hydro solder
  • Pressure moulding device
  • Radio-visiography (RVG)
  • Intra-oral camera
  • Endodontic magnifying loop
  • Apex locator
  • Endo motor
  • Electric pulp tester
  • TENS (electronic anesthesia)
  • Pulse oximeter


The following objectives have been laid out to achieve the goals of the course:

  • To possess knowledge on the behavior and psychology of the child.
  • To diagnose and plan treatment for patients requiring Pedodontic treatment.
  • To read and interpret a radiograph and other investigations for the diagnostic and treatment planning purpose.
  • To attend seminars and conferences related to Pedodontics for updating the knowledge.
  • To have an ability to plan to establish Pedodontic clinic / hospital and practice management.
  • To have a sound knowledge of pharmacology effects of drugs on oral tissues and systems of body and for medically compromised children.

Skills and Attitude

  • Candidate should be able to examine the children, investigate the patient systematically, analyze the investigation results, diagnose the condition, plan a treatment, communicate it with the patient / parent and execute it.
  • Understand the behavior of children and be able to behavior guide them.
  • Training in advance life support, procedures under conscious sedation and general anesthesia.

Other activities

1. First dental visit

Children are brought from school along with the teachers to have their first dental visit. The children are taught about the dental chair and shown around the clinic. Home oral hygiene care is taught to the visiting children.

2. Children’s Day Celebrations

Children from schools are brought to the department to celebrate Children’s Day. Competitions like fancy dress and drawing are conducted and prices are distributed. Free preventive sealant camps are done in the department for two weeks in the month of November.