Department of Oral Pathology

Oral and maxillofacial pathology is a branch of dentistry and pathology that deals with identification of diseases of oral and maxillofacial region. The essence of this science lies in unraveling the diseases at macroscopic and microscopic level. MDS programme in oral pathology is a 3 year curriculum where the students are trained to excel in disease diagnosis and also to become accomplished academicians.

The department is spacious with excellent infrastructure, unique ambience and blessed with the best of the faculties, that enlightens and enriches the student knowledge. The department has a separate unit for post graduate and under graduate studies. The UG unit is equipped with the most standard amenities essential for the practical study and demonstration. Students are trained to carve teeth in wax, identify microscopic slides of normal structures and alterations in their structure on disease status.

The PG unit is furnished with

  • Well equipped laboratory
  • Clinic
  • Fully equipped air conditioned research cell
  • Seminar rooms

A museum containing pathologic specimens and models aid the UG students in the study of their subject. The department carries out the following procedures in diagnosis of oral and maxillofacial pathology:


  • Diagnosis of head and neck pathology
  • Biopsy service for home institution and other centers around
  • Cytology – from outpatient department and from patient attending camps